Selected Work, Online

“Ghazal for My Father,” 2nd Place for the Editors’ Prize, RHINO, 2023 (issue sample)

“American Sonnet with a Line by Van Gogh,” Sundog Lit, March 2022

“Invierno II” and “Invierno III,” The Rumpus, February 2022

Listen to “sunrise through mount vernon, wa.” featured on The Slowdown, Apr. 8th 2022 & Dec. 8th 2022

“brentwood, april third,” Rattle, Winter 2022 (online reprint with audio)

“QFC in January,” phoebe, Spring 2021

“Dream of the Third Body,” Poet Lore, Summer/Fall 2021 (issue sample)

“Postcard Before I Forgive You,” “Otchayanie,” and “sunrise through mount vernon, wa.” GASHER, Fall 2020

“imaginary homeland,” “Last August,” (reprints) and “Leaving Seattle, Late June,” Double Yolk Issue 1, 2022

“aj,” Verse Daily, February 20, 2023

“aj again,” Passengers Journal, January 2021

“Last Morning,” Sixth Finch, Winter 2022

Consuelo Gallo Avila” and “Halal (Permissible),” The Boiler, September 2021

“the magpie poem,” Honorable Mention for the 2020 Mirabai Prize for Poetry, Raw Art Review, Summer 2020 (reprint)

“Autovivisection,” So to Speak, Summer 2021

Selected Work, in Print

“oblivion/wild room,” Poetry Northwest, Winter & Spring 2022

“Self-Portrait as Electra,” Salt Hill Journal, Fall 2022

“aj,” Iron Horse Literary Review, Fall/Winter 2022

“imaginary homeland,” Seneca Review, Fall 2021

“Last August” and “portraits,” Raleigh Review, Spring 2021

“Jasmine and Will go Driving,” San Pedro River Review, Spring 2021

“the magpie poem,” Black Warrior Review, Spring 2020

“a portrait,” The Pinch, Spring 2020


“Approaching November,” Bennington Review

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